Why Harsat Mata Temple Is The Best Ruined Architecture In Rajasthan

Abhaneri is popular for Chand Baori Stepwell. There is an another historical ruined place in Abhaneri, which is definitely a worth visit. Yes, I’m talking about Harshat Mata temple. If you have explored Chand Baori, you have visted Harshat Mata temple as well. 

How to reach Abhaneri 

Abhaneri village is 95 km from Jaipur the and the on Jaipur-Agra highway. This village is not so far from Bandikui which is the nearest Railway Station to Abhaneri. You can take a personal vehicle or cab to reach there. 

Harshat Mata Temple 

Harshad Mata Temple is located behind the famous Chand Baori which is also a popular heritage site. I heard from the villagers that before entering into temple, people first used to wash their hand in Chand Baori. It was a ritual. In current time, this ritual is not alive. 

Outside view of Harshat Mata Temple

This temple is dedicated to the goddess Harshat Mata and she is considered to be the goddess of happiness and joy for the people of Abhaneri. Local people believe that Harshat Mata spreads her blessings to whole village of Abhaneri. 

Well, I love to take pictures with the architecture

History and the architecture

Harshat Mata Temple was built by King Chand in the 9th century. The temple is in a ruined condition. It was destroyed during the invasion by Islamic rulers in the 10th century. I heard that villagers in Abhaneri decided to collect all the stones and sculptures and tried to rebuild it again. 

Harshat Mata Temple
Beautifully designed Mandap and pillars

The architecture is built in Mahameru style. A series of steps will lead you to the Harshat Mata temple which is having a dome roof with flags flying on the top. It has beautifully designed Mandap and pillars which makes the architecture amazing. Stone carvings are the best to see in this architecture. The idol of the goddess Harshat Mata is protected by boundaries which made of iron. 

Stone carvings on outer walls
Dome roof with flags flying on the top

Some sculptures were destroyed in Mughal era but it still maintains the beauty of this temple. Temple’s outer walls have Brahman Bhadra niches and images of gods beautifully carved on them. 

Goddess Harshat Mata Temple

Best time to visit Abhaneri 

You can visit this temple in any month but if you want to stay away from the heat of Rajasthan then try to plan your trip in the winter season. You can visit this place in the month if July-August. Rainy season is also the best time to explore this beauty. You can visit this temple at any time. There is no set timing. 

Entry Fee 

There is no entry fee to watch this place. You can visit it in free of cost. 

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