These 3 Monuments You Should Definitely See In Lodi Gardens

Lodi Gardens is situated on Lodi Road in South Delhi. I saw some beautiful monuments and tombs in the garden. All the monuments belong to the Lodi and Mughal dynasties. 

Earlier in 1931, the whole area was called the village of Khairpur till the villagers moved from the village. Before the independence, the garden was called Lady Willingdon Park. After the independence, it was renamed Lodi Gardens. It was designed by J. A. Stein in 1968 who was an architect. Lodi Gardens covers an area of 90 acres. It is a primary spot for Delhiites in the morning. 

Here, I pick three historical monuments, you should definitely see in Lodi Garden:

Tomb of Mohammad Shah Sayyid

The tomb is the earliest structure of Lodi Garden who can be visible from the road. This is the only octagonal tomb in Delhi with no walled compound. Muhammad Shah belonged to the Sayyid dynasty. This is a rare monument of this dynasty. 

The beautiful view of Muhammad Shah Tomb
The Tomb is the first octagonal structure in Delhi

The tomb was built in 1444 by Ala-ud-din Alam. The architecture is very remarkable with it’s octagonal shape with having stone chhajjas on the roof and guldastas on the corners. It also has the graves of other family members of Muhammad Shah Sayyid. There are three arched openings of this tomb on each of the eight sides. 

Bada Gumbad 

Bada Gumbad is situated in the centre of the Lodi Garden. This is a complex which includes the Bada Gumbad, a Mosque and Mehman Khana. The monument was constructed in the time of Sikandar Lodi in 15-16th century. 

The outer view of Bada Gumbad Complex

Bada Gumbad means the building with a ”big dome”. This monument is one of the finest Lodi monument. The architects used the decorative technique of incised and painted limestone plaster which is impressive. 

Inside the mosque in Bada Gumbad Complex
An arched pavilion (Mehman Khana) at Bada Gumbad

The monument also includes a Mosque and a Mehman Khana. The mosque was built during the same time as the adjoining Bada Gumbad. There is a courtyard in front of the mosque.

There is an arched pavilion facing the mosque which was used as a guest house. It is also called as ‘Mehman Khana’. The architecture is quite similar to the mosque. 

Shish Gumbad 

Shish Gumbad (Lodi Gardens)

The Shish Gumbad faces the Bada Gumbad. It has been claimed to the grave of Bahlol Lodi who was the first Lodi emperor. There are several graves in the monument which means it may be a tomb of the members of the Lodi family. 

The entrace of the Shish Gumbad

Shish Gumbad means ’glass dome’ ( the dome and parts of the facade covered with glazed tiles). The architecture is a blend of Islamic and Hindu architecture. The monument is constructed in a square shape. 

The western wall of the Shish Gumbad contains a mihrab. Other three sides have three entrances each. The architecture shows a double storeyed pattern which is a bit of familiarity with the other Lodi monuments. 

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