A Pocket Of Calm In The Hustle Bustle Of Old Delhi – Jama Masjid

In the hustle bustle of Old Delhi and west to the Red Fort, I feel calm and the happiness at Jama Masjid – the largest mosque in India. The monument is one of the beautiful architectures in Mughal-era. The man behind one of the seven wonders of the world Taj Mahal – Shah Jahan, built this monument in the 17th century. Shah Jahan also built the Red Fort which is the neighbouring monument of Jama Masjid.


Jama Masjid has the massive courtyard which is 325 feet square which can hold approx 25000 people. It has two 40 meter-high minarets in north and south with onion-shaped marble domes. The red sandstone and white marble were used in the construction.

The entrance gate to the mosque

The mosque has the largest interior space is the prayer hall and Persian calligraphic inscriptions are placed above the prayer hall.

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The mosque is oriented toward the Islam’s holy place Mecca, which lies to the west. On Friday, Muslims gather for communal prayer in the mosque. Jama Masjid is an Arabic word which meaning is “Friday mosque”. 

Muslims are gathering for the prayer


After the death of the wife, Mughal emperor Shah Jahan shifts his capital from Agra to Delhi. Shah Jahan was also founded Shahajahanabad which is known as Old Delhi in today’s time. 

The massive courtyard of the Jama Masjid

Shah Jahan invited Sayed Abdul Ghafoor Shah in 1650s to inaugurate Jama Mosque. The actual cost to build the mosque was 1 million rupees at the time.

The mosque was built by more than 5000 workers and the whole construction was done under the supervision of Wazir Saadullah Khan. It was designed by architect Ustad Khalil.

How to reach

‘Jama Masjid’ is the nearest metro station. Old Delhi is so busiest that you cannot hire taxi or cab to reach there. Taking a metro is the best thing to reach the mosque.

IGT airport is the nearest airport and you can take airport express line to reach Jama Masjid metro station. Old Delhi is the nearest railway station and you can take the metro from Chandni Chowk station.

Movies shot in Jama Masjid

Jama Masjid has been one of the primary location for the film shoot. Sultan, Delhi-6 and Kurbaan are shot there. Priyanka Chopra starrer Sky Is Pink ’s few scenes are also shot at Jama Masjid.

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