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The Final Call Review: Engaging And Unusual Storytelling With Spiritual Plot

The most remarkable beauty of The Final Call is its spiritual storytelling. It carried out the reality of death and the lies.

Direction: Vijay Lalwani 

Cast:Arjun Rampal, Neeraj Kabi, Sakshi Tanwar, Vipin Sharma, Anupriya Goenka

The Final Call is based on Priya Kumar’s book I Will Go With You. The story follows Karan Sachdeva (Arjun Rampal) who has the control to decide the fate of the passengers who are on a journey to Australia. Karan is the former IAF officer and lost his family which has shown through the flashbacks. 

The Final Call starts with the story of some characters who are related to each one when the story follows. Krishna Kant (Neeraj Kabi) is an astrologer who is a peaceful person and he knows about his death. He has made peace with the only truth of life. His philosophical and spiritual opinions carry the storyline and make the audience to pressure on the mind. 

Javed Jaffrey is a business tycoon and he has a piece of good luck that he is making lots of money but he also has the inner problems and finding the peace between the corporate and personal life. 

Picture courtesy: Zee5

Sakshi Tanwar is playing the cop Kiran Mirza who is sn intelligent and the brave lady. In one scene, she faces the terrorists during the pregnancy time. During the banter with her colleague, she plays intelligently which is the opening scene of her story. Vipin Sharma is an ATS officer who carries the operation against Karan Sachdeva when he gets information that the plan has been hijacked. 

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Anupriya Goenka is playing flight attendant Pari who is the pivotal character in the story. She knows about the plane’s hijack but she couldn’t outrage but she makes a call to Sakshi Tanwar from where the operation starts. 

The most remarkable beauty of The Final Call is its spiritual storytelling. It carried out the reality of death and the lies. The only person who knows this reality is Krishna Kant who encourages others to understand and feel peace to face death. 

Picture courtesy: Zee5

The screenplay has diverse elements where you will crack this thriller in two ways – one is the natural life and second is the way of seeing it. Flashbacks will slightly help us to find the inner elements of the character. 

The series keeps you hooked in every episode. The credit goes to casting director who picked some wonderful actors in it. 

The energy was missing when it comes to dialogues and making attention during fast forward scenes. The Final Call is not about entertainment. In each episode, you ask the question which can be solved through spirituality. It could be about destiny, conscience, stress, trauma and death.

First time I have seen a thriller with spiritual content and The Final Call clearly made it out of the box. The story has some unexpected turns and twists. Watch it for the different and unusable storyline. 

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The Final Call is streaming on ZEE5

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