Dear Women, Correct Your Decision To Correct Your Life

“Women, from time immemorial have fought for the right of others, now it’s her time to get her rights realized and get equal participation in the society.”

Starting the blog with the quote and realising the number of those women are increasing in the new generation where career become the priority and where choices take place in the society who targets them. Still, you need to specify your calls in the majority of the section. Let’s discuss something:

Education vs Marriage

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The most common mistake a girl does that she thinks that studying is the just a temporary thing and in the end, marriage is the ultimate option to have in her life. Girls need to change this attitude. Education is the power which help their growth in society. Girls don’t make focus on their career and ruin their life after picking marriage over career. 

Early Marriage and wrong partner

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Most of the girls choose a wrong partner when it comes to marriage. Sometimes they get married in the age when they need to focous on their career but they get pressurised by parents. You’re 20 or may be 30, you will choose your time to get marry. Your parents will not decide your marriage time. In current scenerio, when women are preferring carrer over maariage, most of the girls have babies. It’s shameful and I feel bad for them who spoiled their lives so early. 

Becoming a Mom

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Ok, let’s talk about the baby. What is the perfect age to habe a baby? If you don’t have the exact number for your age for marriage then why you let your family and husband to decide to have a baby. In most of the cases, I saw that a newly married couple plan their baby on their first night and somehow during the honeymoon.

The actual theory of honeymoon is wrong. Honeymoon is not for your baby plan. It’s about to knowing each other but prove me wrong because the theory of honeymoon is decided by our parents who first make themselves in hurry to get their son or daughter marry early and after marriage, they made them hurry to become grandfather or grandmother. Who faces most in this case? You got my point clear. 

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Women take a very early call on baby when they are not physically and mentally prepared to have a baby. Marriage needs time to undeserving each other but due to the pressure of the parents and even the husbands, make them feel ready to take decision early. 

Woman vs Woman

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What I find the most common mistake in the society that a woman never supports another woman. You can mark me wrong but it’s real and pathetic. We have lived to watch Saas-Bahu drama on TV and the relationship between Mother-In-Law and Daugher-In-Law is questionable. I didn’t see a woman to stand up in favour of another woman. Dear women, let’s break this and give a tight hug to each other. At least I can expect a love from a woman to another woman. 

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Girl Child

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I’m raising this topic to the next level and it’s really horrifying. A woman doesn’t wish for a girl child, despite being a woman. In many cases, girl child gets killed by a woman and even a woman pressurised another woman to not have a girl child. This is strange.

Why you created so much mess in your society? A woman can’t expect the respect from the man but she can get this from another woman. That’s where I see the change. It’s pretty simple and can create a slight change. 

Love yourself

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A woman is standing in front of the mirror and constantly teases herself for her face. First you need to respect yourself. Woman is the most beautiful creation of the god and why you’re challenging this. Love yourself and respect yourself. You first need to stand up for your rights and later, thing will be changed. 

I should not talk about this because I don’t want to leave a body shaming troll on me. Well, after the marriage majority of the women never follow the good diet due to the extra pressure and sometimes she forgets to take care of her and make herself busy to take care of others. You have to take care of your body because a woman’s body faces a lot from the periods to pregnancy.

Love vs Parents

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Now I want to conculde my blog with the end topic. What will people say? This is the main excuse for parents to decide the life of their children. They don’t understand if something went wrong in their choice, will those people come for the help. Choosing the life partner is your personal call and don’t spoil your choices in the emotion.

Communication is the main issue which has been skipped from the daily life. Parents should understand what children feel and what they want from you . You should also take stand on your words and take the full responsibility of your decision. Give communication some time and your future will be secure. 

Here, I wish all of you a happy women’s day. Correct your decision and correct your life – this is the only mantra I want to share on this special day.

And, I made a short video On Women’s Day two years back. Watch it again:

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